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Alura Jenson Wiki


Alura Jenson is a Philadelphia Film actress and model. She is best known for her Movies and Videos. Alura also garnered a large fanbase on Instagram. She started her career in 2010 and she is ranked the next year as the number one performer. Now she is the Best American Film actress. she mainly made online videos.

Alura Jenson Bio


Alura’s fans watch her videos on an online platform. Alura Jenson’s family now lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States.

Alura Jenson Age


Alura Jenson was born on 31 May 1977 in  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. Alura Jenson’s age current age is now 46 years old. but she was very strong, her health is very well. He also made many super-hit dramas at this age. Alura Jenson’s wiki is very interesting. 

Alura Jenson Biography


many popular websites wrote her Alura Jenson biography. Alura Jenson’s main occupation is as a web film actress. she was started her career in 2010 and currently continues work. she sharted a small business. 


Alura Jenson family


She married her fast husband and she gave birth to her two children, he divorced her husband in 2011 and she began working as a stripper at the palomino club. in 2012 at the age of 35, he entered the Modeling industry with more than 3 years she was labeled as an actress. as an actress, she has worked for many studios. Alura Jenson’s marital status is she was married, but she was now single. Alura Jenson’s total work number of scened 160+.

Alura Jenson Measurements


Alura’s body measurements are 44-30-44. Alura Jenson’s eye color is brown and her hair color is blonde. Alura Jenson’s shoe size is 8.5 us. 


Alura Jenson Wikipedia

 Alura Jenson’s parents served in the USA military and were stationed overseas when she was born. Alura Jenson moved to USA with her family a few years later and settled in a small township in Camden new jersey located near Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Alura Jenson was raised in a very religious conservative household and mentioned in the June 2015 DVD talk interview that. after graduation from high school, Alura decided to follow in her parent’s footsteps and she enlisted in USA armed forces for the next decade Alura Jenson worked as a physical rehabilitation specialist for the USA navy and Army. Alura Jenson was adventurous throughout her military career and highlighted this in her June 2015 adult DVD talk interview. it was during her military service that Alura Jenson met her fast husband with whom, she has had two children. Fans of Alura Jenson’s fantastic figure will also love viewing saucy scenes in face-sitting bubble butts 2014 for cx wow studios. she also obtained an honorable discharge from the military. after she was done with starting working as a stripper at the palomino club in 2010.


Alura Jenson Height 


Alura Jenson’s height is 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m) and Alura Jenson’s weight is 156 lb (71 kg).

Alura Jenson’s Net Worth


Alura Jenson has a net worth of $2 million. American model who appeared in over 160+ videos.

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