Benefits of Hiring Ruby on Rails Developers


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You won’t probably argue that agility translates to competitive advantage. But how is this agility achieved? The ways are varied and one of them is to hire Ruby on Rails developer. Companies using this framework report cutting down development time by up to 40% while enhancing application performance. If that sounds like something your business could use, this guide covers everything there is to know about Ruby on Rails experts and the value they can bring to a project.

What is Ruby on Rails?

Before discussing Ruby on Rails consulting and outsourcing, let’s, first and foremost, define what’s so good about the framework as such. It combines 

  • Ruby, a concise and flexible programming language
  • and Rails, a library-rich framework designed to automate and streamline the creation and maintenance of web applications.

The framework consists of several components. Here’s a quick review of how they synergize.

  • Active Record

This ORM layer abstracts complex database interactions into simple Ruby methods. This allows developers to perform database operations without writing SQL code, which minimizes bugs and speeds up development.

  • Action Pack

It processes web requests by routing them to the appropriate controller and renders the corresponding view. This simplifies the creation of RESTful applications.

  • Active Job

It facilitates background operations, such as data processing or batch imports, without blocking the main thread. It improves user experience by keeping the application responsive.

  • Action Mailer

It integrates email functionalities directly into the application, supporting the automation of user interactions and notifications with minimal setup.

  • Active Support

It enhances Ruby’s native functionalities with additional utilities. This helps developers solve common programming tasks.

  • Rails Routing

It decouples the URLs from the code structure. The result is improved SEO and maintainability as URLs are easy to understand and manage.

Key Skills of Ruby on Rails Developers

One of the central arguments in favor of Ruby on Rails team augmentation is that RoR developers bring a comprehensive skill set. They contribute to both the strategic and operational excellence of projects.

  • Efficient Development Practices

RoR’s “convention over configuration” philosophy reduces decision fatigue and setup time. Developers can focus on unique business logic rather than boilerplate code.

  • Robust Testing Framework

The framework supports a test-driven development environment that encourages developers to write test cases before code. This leads to higher code quality and fewer post-deployment issues. Solid evidence of this is GitHub’s transition to a more stable release cycle after adopting RoR.

  • Full-Stack Development Proficiency

RoR developers are often skilled in both backend and frontend technologies. They can handle entire features from database to user interface.

  • Scalability Expertise

They are adept at optimizing applications to handle increased loads and transactions. That’s a crucial skill that has enabled companies like Hulu to manage vast amounts of data and user requests efficiently.

Benefits Of Hiring Ruby on Rails Developers

If you want to benefit from RoR, you can outsource Ruby on Rails development to a specialized agency or hire ROR developer full-time. But that’s not all. You can also integrate RoR developers through team augmentation. This alternative brings several substantial benefits.

 #1 Operational Flexibility

Augmentation allows you to scale your development capacity on-demand, adapting to project needs without the overhead of additional full-time employees. This is crucial for startups and enterprises.

#2 Cost Management

Staff augmentation helps to avoid the fixed costs associated with long-term employment. It reduces the financial risks involved in scaling operations, particularly for projects with variable durations and scopes.

#3 Faster Project Completion

With augmented RoR experts, projects can transition from development to deployment quickly. For instance, Twitter initially used RoR to swiftly iterate its prototype before scaling became a priority.

#4 High-Quality Outcomes

RoR helps maintain high standards of code quality which translates to fewer maintenance issues and a better user experience. Plus, with the augmentation approach, you have full control over the outcome as opposed to classic Ruby on Rails outsourcing.

The Role of Ruby on Rails Developers

Ruby on Rails developers are thus critical thinkers who apply a combination of coding skills and system design principles to develop applications. The beauty of their apps is that they are both functional and scalable. If you add such experts to your team, you’ll optimize your project for performance from the outset.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Ruby on Rails experts bring strategic acumen and technical expertise that can elevate the efficiency of any development project. With their help, your business gains the ability to swiftly prototype, deploy, and scale applications. It’s an ideal choice for those looking to enhance their competitive edge without spending much.

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