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The recent fashion trends show the popularity of accessorizing to enhance the beauty of the face and the eyes. Though it may seem like an experimental approach on how and where jewelry must be worn, facial accessories can transform an outfit and take fashion to new and exciting levels. Here are some types of accessories that you can try.

Cool Face Accessories
Cool Face Accessories

Our Top Pick: Rhinestone Crystal Face Jewels


While numerous people enjoy the idea of using glitter on their faces, using stick-on rhinestones on your front can take this even further. These shiny things, which offer a different type of beauty, come in various kinds of shapes, and colors. These face jewels come with self-adhesive that is made of rhinestone, acrylic, and resin, which are so much easier to apply and remove.



Advantages of Using Face Jewels


1. Quick and easy application – Rhinestone crystal face jewels come with adhesive that you just have to peel off and stick to a position that you would like. You are free to apply them to any part of your face, chest, arms, and the rest of your body. These stickers are easy to remove, and they can be repositioned if you want to customize the design of your face.


2. Reusable and safe to use – These face jewels are made from acrylic diamonds and rhinestones that are 100 percent safe to use, non-toxic, and odorless. They are reusable as long as you clean them every after use. Just apply some eyelash glue and body glue to paste it again.


3. A unique glam look for partying – With these rhinestone crystal jewels, steal the show with these elegant and glamorous looks. Whatever the theme of the music festival, party, rave, or event, these gems for your face can give you a customized look. This is also used with sparkling glitter for a show-stopping look. This will provide fun for people of various ages, even for young kids and the elderly.


4. Long-lasting –These gems can last up to 8 hours, even when you are active and moving all over the place.

Some Great Designs of Face Jewels



1. Lotus Rhinestone Crystal Face Jewels – This set is composed of large stones and many small ones that are either clear-colored or holographic colored.

2. Malachite Rhinestone Crystal Face Jewels – This set of stones are colored with greens, blues, and purples. This design is inspired by the Malachite stone, which is known for absorbing negative energies, pollutants, radiation, and electromagnetic pollution.

3. Butterfly Purple Rhinestone Crystal Face Jewels – This set of face gems are perfect to create two butterfly wings placed at the top and on the bottom of your eyes. It has a mixture of colors that really mimic the wings of a butterfly.


Other Great Face Accessory Options


1. Face Chain – Face chains are inspired by tribal markings and ancient traditions all over the world, specifically in Ethiopia and Mexico. They are aligned with sacred hemispheres and possess critical points surrounding the eyes, nose, brows, and temples. Face chains are perfect accessories to finish your outfit and make a statement. Most are modeled after Indian and Bohemian cultures and can be worn during events like weddings, festivals, and parties.

2. Face Tattoo -Though initially seen as something taboo, the style of having a face tattoo has been popular in recent years. Don’t worry, you do not have to be scared about a lifelong commitment, there are various face tattoos with beautiful patterns that you can use. To use this, you just have to rub the back of the tattoo with a damp sponge or a wet cloth for 20 seconds. This type of tattoo will last for 24 hours or even longer if you protect it and avoid it being waterlogged. Temporary tattoos have thousands of designs, so you will surely find one that you would like. These are fun to use as a fashion statement, but they also work well as party favors, too.


3. Face Paint – Express your creativity by decorating your face with paint. This is a favorite, especially during Halloween parties, as decorating the face can help you see better compared to wearing a mask. The painting also comes with an effective way to boost a more unique style, but you just have to make sure that you will do a skin test first. Check for an allergic reaction before you do anything, and be careful when you are putting paint near your eyes.


4. Face Veil – Avril can be a unique addition to any outfit. There are various widths, lengths, styles, and embellishments that you can choose depending on if you see fit. A veil can be any of these beautiful designs:

a. Birdcage – This cropped length has a vintage style that works well partnered with short dresses.

b. Blusher – This veil’s length can graze the bust, and it is made from a beautiful tulle, which conceals the face for a mysterious look.

c. Mantilla – If you are seeking a more legal accessory, you can use this type to drape over the head and drape over your face.

d. Tiered – For something extra, you can choose a veil that will connect various layers together for a puffy and long veil.

e. Ballerina – Landing anywhere from the knee to the ankle, the mantle is a long one that adds much drama to your get-up, and you can allow for dancing.

5. Lace Mask – Go classic and elegant with a black lace masquerade mask. It is perfect for any occasion where you have to wear a costume, especially if you seek to add a little mystery. Lace is an excellent material, too, as it is breathable and comfortable to use.”




Accessories can highlight a person’s distinct style, taste, and preferences. By using some for your face, you go beyond what is expected, and you are faced with unlimited opportunities of expressing yourself. If an event or a party is coming up, never forget your face accessories to complete and enhance your look. Your photos will surely look amazing, and you will be the talk of the town!

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