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Many people know about Eric Mays because of his unusual controversies. Eric is the man who became prominent by appearing in in-your-face politics; he showed unruly behavior in city board gatherings. Mays used to be involved in legal problems, including an arrest warrant for his peculiar activities.

During his two-day trial in 67th District Court, Eric was convicted on severe charges. He became viral after people saw a video about his absurd moments.

Early Life and Educational Background:

Eric Mays is a black man who was born in Flint, Michigan, United States. He belongs to a middle-class Christian family. His parents work hard to give him a good life. Eric Mays birthday is September 16, 1958. His birth sign is Virgo, and he holds an American nationality.

According to Eric Mays Wikipedia, he is 64 years old as of 2023. His mother’s name is Rosie B., and regarding Eric’s father, there is no information. He currently lives in Flint, Michigan.

Eric Mays Biography
Eric Mays Biography

The former politician completed his education at well-known schools in Michigan. After his schooling, he went to Michigan University and graduated with an excellent grade. There is not much information regarding his educational background.

Full name  Eric Mays
Age  64
Birthday  September 16, 1958
Birthplace  Flint, Michigan
Nationality  American 

Physical Characteristics of Eric Mays:

He has black eyes and his hair is a mixture of black and white due to his old age. Eric has a slim physique, his height is 5 feet 10 inches. He has black skin tone and has a beard on his face.

Height  5’10
Eye colour Black 
Hair colour Black 

Eric Mays Affairs and Relationships:

There is a rumor that Eric Mays wife name is Megan Ritchie and together they had three children. But we can’t confirm this news because Eric never talked about his family.  He managed to keep his private life hidden due to his legal disputes.

Eric Mays Legacy and Net Worth:

You will be shocked to know that his current Net Worth is zero. Yes, you heard it right. Eric is living a miserable life after he loses his money in the legal battles. Because of his current status, he set up an account named GoFundMe.

Eric Mays Net Worth
Eric Mays Net Worth

Through this, he asked his supporters to help him in his hard times and donate as much as they could. Eric has collected $23,000 on his GoFundMe account from different people and he shows gratitude for every person who donated to help him. Eric Mays salary is zero as per sources but we don’t know about his source of earnings.

Eric Mays Career:

He started his political career in Flint, Michigan. Eric was selected as a City Council in 2013, and Anita Brown was his opposite candidate and she lost by only eight votes. Eric Mays served for four years on the City Council. 

He also got nominated as a Mayor in 2015 of Flint. Dayne Walling, Karen Weaver, and Wantwaz Davis were Eric’s rivals during the elections.

Eric Mays Career
Eric Mays Career

Eric’s party name was Democratic Party and he spent a troublesome career as a politician. He became the vice president of the City Council but unfortunately, after spending a few months the committee decided to remove Eric from his position.

According to Eric Mays biography, he got eliminated because of his verbal abuse of Monica Galloway who was the President of the City Council in 2020. Eric contrasts Monica Galloway with Adolf Hitler and due to resentment of Monica, Eric presents a Nazi salute and in the end got suspended from the board.

Eric Mays Controversy:

In 2021, Eric became the Chairperson of the City Council once again but unfortunately, this happiness was short period. Due to Eric’s demeanor, he was eliminated again from the City Council.

At the same time, his quarrels with other colleagues of the City Council became the media’s focus of attention. Eric’s most standing out dispute was with Sheldon Neeley who was the Mayor of Flint during that time. 

Eric Mays Controversy
Eric Mays Controversy

Eric came to the spotlight after he was convicted of disorderly conduct. Because of this, he can go to jail or he has to pay a fine. To prove himself impeccable, Eric needs a lot of money but due to his current bank balance, he can’t fight his legal fight. He didn’t lose hope and made a GoFundMe account and asked his supporters to help him win the battle. 

Eric was found guilty of his disorderly conduct in 2023 and this order was passed by Vikki Bayeh-Haley who is a Judge in Flint City District Court. Maybe he has to pay a $ 500 fine or have to spend 90 days in prison.

Eric Mays’s Response to the Controversy:

The former politician said, that he is an honest man and he was not guilty about his actions. He says, that his colleagues at the City Council were not giving him the freedom of speech which is Eric’s basic human right. 

Some time ago, he took a lawsuit against the City Council. But his lawsuit was discarded by Bernard A. Friedman who was the judge at that time in U.S. District Court. 

Vikki Bayeh-Haley announced that Eric was convicted for his disorderly conduct but Eric said in the court that his colleague Allie Herkenroder provided fraud evidence.

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