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She is the celebrity spouse of a prominent actor, Ty Burrell. Holly Burrell was also a former actress but left the showbiz industry some time ago. She chooses food as her passion. The beautiful lady caught the media’s attention when she married her famous husband, Ty Burrell.

Her journey shifts from acting to culinary art, so let’s check out more about the stunning wife of Ty Burrell. 

Early Life and Career of Holly Burrell:

She was born in 1975 in Fruits Heights, Utah. Holly lived a happy childhood with her family. Holly Burrell’s age is 48 as of 2023. She belonged to a Mormon family. Her family was very loving and caring and always supported her passions and dreams. She has a love for the culinary arts and music. 

After completing her high school degree, she pursued her passion for theatre and acquired a degree from Utah University.


Holly Burrell Career
Holly Burrell Career

Holly Burrell left her acting career after some time and chose a different pathway, which was her passion for food. The former actress then took a nine-month pastry course at the French Culinary Institute. Before moving to Los Angeles to support her husband’s career, she worked in a pastry shop.

She likes to read and try different recipes for her family and friends. She wants to share other recipes online, and her recipes are often discussed on the “Mouth Feelings” podcast via radio.


Full name  Holly Burrell
Gender  Female 
Age  48
Star  Saggitarius 
Birthplace  Fruits Height, Utah


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Holly Burrell, Modern Family:

Ty’s full name is Tyler Gerald Ty Burrell, born in 1967. He is an American actor who is famous for his comedy. Modern Family is a show-off of Holly Burrell’s handsome husband Ty, which gained popularity because of Phil Dunphy’s character, which Ty Burrell plays.

Ty has been selected for the Emmy Award and also for the Screen Actors Guild Award.

Who is the wife of Ty Burrell?

Her full name is Holly Burrell, and she is 48 years old. She married the actor in 2000, and after some time, the couple adopted two daughters from the African community. They love each other and are currently living their best life together. 


Holly Burrell husband
Holly Burrell husband

Holly Burrell likes to avoid media and wants to spend her simple life with her two beautiful daughters and wonderful husband.

Moreover, as stated in some recent articles, she was a former actress but left the showbiz industry to follow her passion for food. She cooks food for her family and likes to try new recipes.

The romantic love story at the Shakespeare Theatre:

The two lovebirds met at the Shakespeare Theatre in Washington, D.C. They accidentally meet at the theatre, and they immediately become close to each other due to their mutual likeness.

Ty came to Uttah for the festival held in Cedar City and performed there for two summers. During the middle of his time in Cedar City, he came to Washington, D.C. Holly was acting at the Shakespeare Theatre.

Ty Burrell Holly Burrell fell in love and decided to get married in August 2000. They love and respect each other. Their marriage included their dearest family members and friends.


Wife of  Ty Burrell
  • Frances Burrell
  • Greta Burrell
Famous for Being the wife of Ty Burrell


How many children did Holly and Ty have?

The fantastic couple has two beautiful daughters. Their names are Frances Burrell and Gretchen Burrell. They adopted their daughters from the black American community. Both Holly and Ty were determined to become parents. They have to go for adoption because, after many failed attempts to get pregnant, they decided to go for this option.


Social media presence:

Even though Ty Burrell’s wife lives a private life, we did find Holly Burrell’s Instagram account.

The Generous Act During the Coronavirus Pandemic:

Before the Burrells’s fame, Holly and her husband worked as servers. They were a hard-working couple. When the pandemic hit Salt Lake City, many servers became jobless. So, during that time, the Burrells decided to help the needy people and gave them a $100,000 check to help them.

They also created an online fund, “Tip Your Server,” for needy people, so those who want to help them can easily donate.

Net Worth and Legacy:

The net worth of Holly Burrell has not been confirmed. However, we learn about her estimated net worth of around $26 million because of her wealthy husband. 


Holly Burrell Net Worth
Holly Burrell Net Worth
Occupation  Former actress and Chef
Net Worth $26 million



Holly is a sweet and generous person who likes to help people. She chose her passion and is currently living a peaceful life. She wanted to support her husband’s dream alongside her dream to become a well-known chef.


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