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The princess of fashion and tradition Malouf is an acclaimed outfit designer, novelist, and well-known voice actor from Lebanon. She has a distinctive personality. Her aura is intimidating. The renowned actor astounded the media after choosing her happy goal: her career as a writer. 

Want to know why? So let’s check out the fascinating facts about the alluring Juman Malouf.

Juman Malouf, the multitasker:

Malouf is the child of a renowned writer 

She is a prominent lady in this era. The girl who chases her dreams and aims and knows what her heart truly desires the most. She has chosen many different fields in her life, whether it’s her acting career or her costume design field. 

Juman Malouf biography
Juman Malouf biography

And just recently, she chose writing as her special ability out of her other professions.

Full Name  Juman Malouf
Age 48
Gender Female
Birthplace Beirut, Lebanon
Height  5’4
Weight  50kg 
Eye colour  Brown

Juman Malouf Family History:

Malouf is the child of a renowned lady writer Hanan al-Shaykh. Her father’s name is Fouad. The novelist was born in Beirut, Lebanon. Moreover, when she was three months old, her household shifted from Lebanon to London.

She is the daughter of a novelist and a construction engineer. 

She has an older sibling named Tarek, a filmmaker and journalist. The actress-turned-writer comes from a well-known family background.

The Academic Background of Malouf:

Juman Malouf has done her bachelor of arts from Brown University in Rhode Island, USA. Moreover, after completing her bachelor’s, Malouf went to New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts for her master’s degree. She has done her master’s in set and costume design.

Who is the luckiest lover of Juman Malouf?

The chemistry between Wes Anderson and Juman Malouf is undeniable. The duo met in 2009 through the couple’s mutual friends when Malouf was writing her first novel, The Trilogy of Two. They fell in love after a short period and have stayed with each other till now. 

Lovers and lovers married in 2010 in a private ceremony. Both of them are living in Paris together. They welcomed their firstborn child in 2016. Her name is Freya, which is a unique name, and they named her after the protagonist of the 1940 film “The Mortal Storm”.

Husband  Wes Anderson
Daughter  Freya

Juman Malouf with Wes Anderson
Juman Malouf with Wes Anderson

Who is Wes Anderson:

His full name is Wesley Wales Anderson. He was born in May of 1969. He is from Houston, Texas. Anderson is a prominent filmmaker, producer, and scriptwriter. His way of producing and creating a film is eccentric. He paid attention to every minor detail of the film. 

He has spent the majority of his life in New York City. Anderson is the brother of the famous illustrator, screenwriter, and artist Eric Chase Anderson. Wes Anderson is also the spouse of the famous lady Juman Malouf.

Wes Anderson is mostly famous for his films The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Royal Tenenbaums, and Isle of Dogs.

The daughter of a prominent figure, Juman Malouf:

Malouf has only one daughter. Her name is Freya. She was born in 2016. Juman Malouf Freya lived with her parents in Paris, New York.


Juman Malouf daughter
Juman Malouf daughter

Juman Malouf Movies:

In 2009, Malouf participated in the film “Fantastic Mr. Fox” as a voice actor for Agnes, who is a spy and has a liking for Mr. Fox’s son, Ash.

In the 2012 film Moonrise Kingdom, the actor made the cover for the volume that Suzy Bishop, the female character, valued. In the movie, the books were written with titles that Wes Anderson developed for the movie, including The Francine Odysseys and The Girl from Jupiter.

Malouf also constructed the Grand Budapest Hotel character design for the actors in 2014, which was displayed all over the hotel where the team stayed. Juman Malouf also created the volume covers for the fictional author Stefan Zweig, whose typing influenced the movie.

She also wrote her first novel, which was The Trilogy of Two. The novel was about two twin sisters, both having supernatural musical powers, and they went on their magical journey together. In 2015, the book was also included in Times Magazine’s top ten books. 

Wes Anderson and Juman Malouf curated an exhibition together named “Spitzmaus Mummy in a Coffin and Other Treasures” at the famous museum in Vienna. In their exhibition, they showed 400 different objects that reflect their interests.

Movies  Fantastic Mr. Fox, Moonrise Kingdom, The Grand Budapest Hotel
Novel The Trilogy of Two


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Juman Malouf Net Worth:

The famous Malouf’s estimated net worth is USD 19 million. Her high wages are due to her hard work as a dress designer, voice actor, and author.

Juman Malouf net worth
Juman Malouf net worth
Occupation Voice actor, Costume designer, Writer  
Net Worth  19 million USD


Juman Malouf was a multitasking princess. She worked hard to achieve success. She excelled in almost every field she had chosen. When she married the famous filmmaker, she became more famous because people got to know about many other artistic sides. Malouf earned a lot of respect and success.

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