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Misty Loman is neither a celebrity who became famous through the cinematic world nor a singer or social media influencer. She became famous in an epic way that shocked everyone, particularly meth addicts. Misty Loman’s story is uncommon, and her struggle to get clean for her sons was extraordinary.

Misty Loman Story Behind Mugshots

Wisconsin Sheriff Adam Bieber raided a meth lab and arrested dealers, meth makers, and people associated with the meth business. In the successful raid, one of the girls arrested was Misty Loman. Misty’s face was badly affected by the excessive consumption of meth. Her face was so badly affected that the first look gave Sherriff a shock, and he assumed that she fell victim to an acid attack. He thought it was because her face skin looked burned, but investigation revealed that the high consumption of meth has disfigured her face and body skin. She lost all her beauty and health after falling prey to this societal ill.

The Sheriff stated that the reason to post mugshots of Misty Loman on social media was not to create panic among youngsters but to warn them about the potential threat of meth. He seemed concerned about public health and said that he is hopeful that more people will learn a lesson from her face and avoid consuming meth.

Details Information
Full Name Misty Dawn Loman
Popularly Known As Misty Loman
Gender Female
Date of Birth N/A
Place of Birth Bowling Green, Kentucky
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Brown
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status [Information provided: Married to Gary Glass Jr.]
Ex-Husband Gary Glass Jr.
Children Corey and Jacob (sons)
Occupation [Not provided in the given information]

Early Life of Misty Loman

Misty Loman was born in the Kentucky town of Bowling Green and was never a drug addict. She even had a family—a husband and sons who loved her. Things turned bad in the family, and in order to escape from reality, she chose the path often chosen by socially alienated people. She found an escape in meth and lost all her beauty to it.

She was the wife of Garry Glass Jr. and had two sons, Corey Green and Jacob Green. After Misty was arrested, she released a statement saying that she was no longer with her family. The statement reflected the grave effect of meth in Misty’s life.

Addiction History Misty struggled with drug addiction
Family Status Initially, we had a family with a husband and two sons
Husband Garry Glass Jr.
Sons Corey Green and Jacob Green

What disease affected Misty Loman?

After the mugshots went viral, she was handed over to the local hospital, where doctors conducted a thorough examination and found out that she was suffering from scleroderma disease. This disease causes the skin and connective tissues to harden and tighten, which eventually changes the shape of the face. There is no treatment for the condition, and there are also no medications that can slow its progress.

Where is Misty Loman now?

People who have seen her mugshot pictures are curiously searching, “Where is Misty Loman now?”. Misty Loman is doing fine now, and it is reported that she has been sober for 14 months. She has battled the disease, but due to no cure, she is still suffering from the condition while she is undergoing drug rehabilitation. Now she is well and finding a new purpose in life. Misty Loman’s 2023 pictures have portrayed her as sane and better than the condition in which she was when arrested by the Sheriff.

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5 Interesting Facts about the Misty Loman

  1. Misty Loman’s mugshot, which was taken after a meth arrest, shocked the Wisconsin Sheriff and the public. It revealed the disastrous effects of meth
  2. Misty did not get fame as a celebrity; she gained fame through viral mugshots that became an unexpected symbol against meth addiction.
  3. After the post-arrest, doctors diagnosed Misty with scleroderma, which is an incurable disease that alters her appearance and adds complexity to her story.
  4. Misty’s 14-month sobriety and rehabilitation efforts showcase her resilience, and they also redefined her narrative after those initial shocking images.
  5. Misty’s story underscores the unpredictable twists life can take when you get involved in social evils like drug abuse and especially meth abuse. It revealed the dual impact of addiction and a rare disease that can be caused by meth.


Why did Misty Loman’s mugshots go viral?

Misty’s mugshots gained attention due to the Wisconsin Sheriff’s meth lab raids, after which the Sheriff broke the ice and presented the visual impact of addiction on her appearance.

What led Misty to meth addiction?

Misty turned to meth as an escape from family troubles, and it led to a devastating spiral and eventual separation from her loved husband.

Is Misty still battling addiction and scleroderma?

Misty has been sober for 14 months after undergoing drug rehabilitation. While there’s no cure for scleroderma, she is currently fighting the skin disease, but luckily, she is clean now.

How did Misty Loman’s family react to her arrest?

Misty’s statement post-arrest caused a heartbreaking separation from her husband because she was exposed as a meth addict, and this incident showcased the severe impact of meth on her personal relationships.

What’s Misty’s current status and outlook on life?

Misty is reported to be doing well in 2023, and she has found stability and purpose post-rehabilitation, which is portraying a resilient comeback.






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