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Nick Pileggi’s YouTube channel is an excellent resource for those seeking to gain knowledge about various species of houseplants. Nick takes his audience on thrilling tours of different plant stores, offering unboxing videos of refreshing new plants and dispensing invaluable advice on cultivating popular houseplants. Nick also provides helpful tips on the maintenance and propagation of an extensive array of plants. In this article, we have analyzed the main fact known about the author of one of the best houseplant YouTube channels.




Until 2020, Nick Pileggi for 2 years was employed at Urban Jungle in Philadelphia, a company dedicated to bringing greenery into urban settings. Its focus is on enhancing the houseplant experience for individuals by providing them with soil, as well as helpful plant care tips. The team leverages its expertise in gardens and houseplants to assist individuals with any inquiries or issues they may have. 


Nick shared a video elucidating their grounds for departing from his position. This video garnered an impressive 64,000 views. Although the job had been a long-sought-after aspiration for him, it was a part-time occupation. He was paid them based on the hours worked. In light of this, Nick decided to use his YouTube channel as his principal means of generating income. He was elated at the prospect of embarking on a personal project.


These days, Nick is a content creator for Soltech Solution and the owner of a popular social media channel. He currently resides in Philadelphia, PA, and regularly posts houseplant videos. In March 2023, he took part in Philadelphia Flower Show “Garden Electric.”


By some estimations, his channel brings him $172 – $3.9K per month, which means that his yearly income from this project reaches $2.1K – $47.1K. Each of his videos gets 1,172 likes on average and earns him from $62 to $177.


Online Presence


By posting on a variety of plant-related topics, Nick Pileggi got 71.3K followers on Instagram where you can find him by searching for his @phillyfoliage handle. 


His @nickpileggiplants YouTube channel currently has 165K subscribers and boasts 20.3M views. It was created on September 13th, 2007. Nick has uploaded 360 videos on a variety of topics that include houseplant and gardening tips, so make sure to view them if you are wondering: “How can I make my indoor plants grow faster?”


Important Facts


Whether you are wondering: “How long do plants live?” or want to get answers to other topics, Nick will provide all the information you need. Besides watching his channel. you can use a plant identifier app to learn more about the local flora. Visit the App Store to download a handy application for learning more about the world we live in. You can easily find an app for plant enthusiasts that will assist you with your studies. Using an app for iPhone, you can discover more about your surrounding wherever you go. A good plant app will become a beginning of a wonderful journey into the world of botany.


If you want to follow in Nick’s footsteps, keep in mind that his estimated net worth at the moment reaches $16,684. Due to this, his total earnings from his social media channels might reach $22,450 – $64,109.


Nick Pileggi is a passionate houseplant enthusiast who has created an informative YouTube channel where he provides insight into the world of gardening and plant care. His work has earned him numerous followers and subscribers across various social media channels, making him one of the most popular houseplant influencers out there. With his extensive knowledge of houseplants, Nick is a great source for anyone looking to learn more about plants.

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