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It is a new add-on for spotify pie and it reminds us why we love the music streaming service so much. It opens up lots of ways to discover new music, browse through our current library, and dig deeper into our listening habits.

It is the last category that the Spotify Pie falls into. You may have seen other people generating their own Spotify Pies, and we are here to tell you everything about the plug-in, where you can find it, how to get your Spotify pie, Spotify pie last 4 weeks, and what it can do for you. Spotify last 4 weeks is also available on many sites. 

Like all the best music streaming services, it enables you to dig back into your listening history, however, Spotify Pie takes it to the next level in terms of giving you some insights about the sorts of c that complete your playlists. It is also fully deserving of its spot in our guide to the best tips and tricks we have seen so far.

spotify pie chart
spotify pie chart

What is Spotify?

Spotify Pie is a third-party plug-in that runs on the top of Spotify itself. It is not an official Spotify product. It is made by Darren Huang. He is a developer and student at the University of California, Los Angeles, and he has been doing the rounds on social media platforms.

The tool importantly gives you a pie chart representation of your all listening habits on Spotify over the last month, with the artists you have had on rotation categorized by the genre. You may not realize it, but it can get very specific when it comes to the genres that use the label tunes in its catalog, and you could see anything from baroque pop to deep underground hip-hop while you are assembling your pie.

Keep in mind that the Spotify Pie add-on needs access to your Spotify account. It could not be able to see your payment details but it will be able to look up what you have been listening to to function properly, so you need to be fine with that happening before you start using Spotify.

The plug-in is so easy and so quick to use that it is well worth trying even if you don’t think you are going to be sharing your pie on Twitter or Instagram.  It could open your eyes to kinds of music and artists that you are into greater than your thoughts. Spotify Pie is free and easy to use and it can be used for free or with the premium Spotify accounts. 

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How To Get Your  SPOTIFY Pie?

It could not be much easier to make your monthly genre pie, as the Spotify Pie website itself puts it. You can access the site through any browser on your phone or your computer, though it is a little bit simple to see everything in a desktop browser.

Head to the Spotify Pie and click on the big green Login To Spotify button you cannot miss, and it is right in the middle of the page. At this point, you will be asked to log into Spotify using your details and to agree that it is capable of accessing certain bits of your Spotify data. Make sure that you are comfortable with everything that is listed before proceeding.

After that, in just a second you will be shown your Spotify Pie which is surrounded by any. You can see the chart that legend underneath and list all of the genres you have been listening to.  Keep in mind that the data is pulled just from the prior month, not since you have started using Spotify, so you will have to get various results in various weeks.

Try to large the browser window to make the pie as big as it can be so you can get a complete or proper look at it. You might be surprised at just how many different genres of music you have listened to or maybe we are not privy to your Spotify records. Underneath the pie, you can see a list of the artists you have been listening to with your favorites at first.

Is there an Apple Music version of Spotify Pie?

There is no Apple Music version of Spotify Pie sadly, so if you are an Apple user then use the service to stream songs or listen to tracks stored locally. You are not going to be capable of making a pie showing off your favorite genres in the last month.


As you can tell from other add-on apps like Instafest which lets you create a custom Spotify festival that lineup in poster form, Apple Music does not give third-party developers the same sort of access to user data as Spotify does, which makes it tough for the developers to make new programs and plug-ins on top of it. As far as we know there is no Spotify Pie equivalent for any of the other music streaming services currently either. You can also see the Spotify’s’s last 4 weeks on many sites. 


Is the Spotify chart safe?

Your data is processed temporarily to make your Spotify Stats Pie Charts.

What does it measure?

It measures your listening habits on Spotify over the last month

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