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Sydney Sweeney Wiki

Sydney Sweeney is a famous American actress. Sydney Sweeney is well known for her role as Emaline Addario from the Netflix series ‘Everything Sucks’. She is active in her acting career since 2009. She has also done ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ in the ‘Hulu’ series as ‘Eden’. Sweeny also appeared in HBO channel in a miniseries named ‘Sharp Object’ casting as ‘Amy Adams’. Recently she starts starring in HBO series ‘Euphoria’ as ‘Cassie Howard’.


Sydney Sweeney


Sydney Sweeny Age


Sydney Sweeny’s current age is just 24. At that little age, she has done so many famous and amazing movies and series. As we mentioned earlier sweeny become famous for the ‘Hulu’ series ‘Handmaid’s Tale’. In that series, she starred as ‘Eden’.


Sydney Sweeny Bio


Sydney Sweeny EarlyLife: Sydney Sweeny was born on September 12, 1997. In Spokane, Washington. Her father is a job holder in the medical field. And her mother is a lawyer. Sydney Sweeney has a younger brother naming ‘Trent’. Her interest has grown on acting from an audition of indie movie and she comes to the town. But her parents were totally ignorant about the main reason to come to town. She has presented them with a five-year business plan. After convincing them, she moved to Los Angeles.


Sydney Sweeny Height and Weight


Sydney Sweeney is 1.6 meters tall. Which is equal to 5 feet 3“. Her body shape is ‘Hourglass’. Eye color is ‘Blue’. Hair color is ‘Blonde’. Sexuality is ‘Straight’.And her Ethnicity is ‘White’. Her body is absolutely well. She is well balanced according to her age, height & weight. She has an athletic body.


Sydney Sweeny Personal Life


Sydney Sweeny is probably single in her life. Currently studying entrepreneurship. She is well trained in MMA fighter and also completed grappling in high school. Sweeny is interested in separate books for each of her characters. Such as very interactive diaries/ Memory books/ Pictures of the characters etc.


Sydney Sweeny Movies


Sydney Sweeny has done so many amazing movies and series. She was cast at ‘Zombies of Mass Destruction’ as ‘Lisa’ in 2009, in 2010 she starring in 4 movies which are ‘the Optimum’ ‘Night Blind’, ‘Takeo’, ‘The Ward’. In 2013 she was cast at ‘Spiders 3D’ as ‘Emily’. In 2014 she acted at ‘Angels in Stardust’ as ‘Annie’. In 2015 she stars in 5 movies, which are ‘Held’, ‘Love made visibly’, ‘The martial arts kid’, ‘The Unborn’, ‘Stolen from Suburbia’. In 2016 she cast at ‘Cassidy Way’ & ‘The Horde’. In 2017 she cast at ‘Vikes’, ‘Dead ant’, ‘It happened again last night’. In 2018 she acted at ‘Relentless’, ‘Under the Silver lake’. In 2019 she has done 3 movies, which are ‘Big time adolescence’, ‘Clementine’, ‘Once upon a time in Hollywood’.


Sydney Sweeny Instagram


In Sydney Sweeny’s Instagram account, there have 780.6 million followers. She is following 362 and her amount of posts is 145.


Sydney Sweeny Net Worth


Sydney Sweeny’s net worth is 1 million US dollars. She has earned a big amount in her little age.


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