The Link Between Minimalist Wallets and Mindfulness


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We live in a distracting world. There are too many things to do, see, and experience, and simply no time. If you feel tired to the bone at the end of each day, chances are you have been trying to get too many things done at once. There is no time for living in the moment. 

Did you know you can stop living this way by adopting a minimalist lifestyle? And you can start the process by investing in something as small as a minimalist wallet. 

Your old wallet is probably cluttered with outdated cards, old receipts, coins, and notes. This mirrors the non-stop stream of information and possessions vying for your attention. Replacing your chaotic wallet with the Shuffle minimalist wallet will give you the break you need. (The Shuffle wallet is already crowdfunding successfully on Kickstarter

Benefits of the Shuffle Minimalist Wallet

Once you decide to follow a mindful minimalist lifestyle, your accessories should reflect your decision. With the Shuffle wallet, you can store active cards and money only. No more scratching through years-old papers and receipts just to pay for a coffee. 

With your brand-new minimalist wallet, you have dedicated card slots that fan outward. This makes it easier to find the card you need. There is a non-intrusive cash clip for your bills and a built-in NFC function, allowing you to share your number with one tap.

The Shuffle minimalist wallet was created with simple living in mind. It comes in a nonbulky casing so you can slip it in your pocket. The wallet also has a removable silicone non-RFID-blocking pocket if you need to scan into buildings or subways. At the same time, it offers an RFID-blocking feature that protects you from wireless theft. 

How a Minimalist Wallet Equals More Mindful Behavior

So, how will a slim wallet change make you more mindful of your actions and behavior? How will it allow you to live in the moment and not focus on what needs to happen in the future? 

It is simple, really. With a minimalist wallet, you make a conscious choice about each item you want to carry. You get to throw out the six-month-old discount voucher. You can toss the loyalty card from the store that closed two months ago. 

This process also encourages mindful spending. Do you need more discount vouchers that you will never use? Do you want to get another loyalty card from a store you only visit twice a year? 

Every time you want to get another card, you will likely not have space for it in your Shuffle wallet. This will force you to think about whether you truly need the new card. Will it bring you value? Does it even have a purpose in your life?

Soon, this type of minimalist thinking will spill over to the rest of your life. Before you buy yet another set of cutlery, you will first think of how much you open your home to entertain guests. Before you splurge on a massive TV, you will consider how much time you can spend with your family instead of vegging out in front of a screen. 

This is the sheer beauty of something as seemingly simple as a slim, minimalist wallet. It gives you pause when you need it most. Even better, it can save you a lot of money in the long run by reducing impulse buys. 

How to Use Your Minimalist Wallet

Your Shuffle minimalist wallet is practical. You can use it to implement the five-minute rule when you want to buy something. Before you fan out your cards, reflect on the purchase for at least five minutes. 

Hold your wallet in your hand and think. Will the item still bring you value in five years? Do you need the item, or do you want it simply because it looks nice? This is also a primary focus of minimalist living. If you can live with less, you should.

Beyond its practical value, your slim wallet can help you keep track of your financial goals. By spending less on trivial items, you can save more for the things that really matter. You can invest your hard-earned money and finally go on that family holiday. Doing just that one thing will help you live in the moment, which is another component of living a minimalist lifestyle. 

Embrace Mindful Living With Your New Slim Wallet

As you declutter your old wallet to fill your new minimalist wallet, you can uncover spending patterns and break them. So, streamline your Shuffle wallet, embrace mindful living, and watch as your life finally comes into focus. 

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