What are the most in-demand engineering jobs?


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When deciding on a career, it is tough to know if the business of your choice will continue to grow, and whether you are satisfied or not. It is the state of information technology and automation and this must be the case for the foreseeable future. Traditional areas such as most in-demand engineering jobs and manufacturing are still in demand, but areas of significant growth are in the IT industry. This section resolves to list some of the most popular engineering jobs and showcase the most significant pay gap for 2020 and beyond.


1. Science Information and Machine Learning


Software engineering has been evolving for a long time and there is no sign of stopping. The database is a branch of software engineering that creates useful information based on massive amounts of data. These big data packages are known as big data and can come from a variety of sources such as electronic commerce, medical or financial. This field uses statistics and software to collect, analyze, and present data in ways that users can optimize for specific services. An easy example is to use data on which products are most valuable at certain times of the year to create targeted marketing campaigns.


Mechanical learning is a subset of data science that is cast off to predict what might happen in the future based on data about past events. Machine algorithms will make predictions, test if they are accurate, and then adjust them to improve the accuracy of the predictions. The more data available, the better the forecasts. It is not always a bachelor’s degree to begin your career in data science, as several short courses are covering important material.


– Average starting salary: $ 89,000

– Average salary: $ 107,000

– Average Career Spending Spend: $ 120,000


2. Automation and Robotics Engineer


Robotic systems already perform repetitive tasks that do not require the skill and attention to detail offered by a human worker. With the constant advancement in computer science, energy storage, and materials – robots are slowly evolving from welding robots and single-arm assemblies to sophisticated humanoid machines. A great example of this is Boston Robot Stop. Robotics Engineering is involved in all aspects of the design, development, testing, and operation of robot systems. Aeronautics engineers are usually electrical, electrical, or mechanical engineers. With the increasing reach of the automated world, the only safe tasks are automation.


– Average starting salary: $ 77,000

– Average average income: $ 92,000

– Average earnings after the career: $ 99,000


3. Petroleum engineer


Electrical engineers often work with drainage, drum, and water design, and follow the drilling procedure to produce oil. Fuel technology has been in demand for several years and will continue for the next decade. Although it comprises electric vehicles and clean energy, oil is still valuable as it is cast off in many different industries. More oil engineers are planning to retire in the coming years, which means that new jobs will be shaped. Entering the oil industry is a humanitarian crisis, given the growing livestock crisis we are facing. It must be taken into account when applying for a job.


– Average starting salary: $ 97,000

– Average median salary: USD 120,000


4. Civil Engineering


Civil engineering is a highly sought-after project in 2018 and will continue that trend in 2019. Marine engineers are developing world-class infrastructure. Different branches of the structure make it difficult to fill the market, and that is why it is a great field to visit. Major areas of engineering include engineering, environmental science, roads, and highways.


– Starting salary: $ 59,000

– Minimum Gratuity: $ 72,000

– Lower future earnings: $ 96,000


5. Electrical engineering


Electrical engineering is another traditional area of ​​technology that is in continuous demand. Electrical engineering is a huge area that includes energy technology measurement technology and electronics. A broad career path in electrical engineering probably means that there is always work available.


– Average starting salary: $ 67,000

– The average pay at the medium level: is $ 82,000

– Late Average Salary: $ 96,000



6. Alternative Energy Engineer


Due to the pressure that climate change has to exert on the soil, there has been a worldwide visit towards cleaner and more visible energy. For example, the demand for solar technology has increased dramatically, which has led to a reduction in panel costs. This is to create a solution for the increasingly popular waistline. There is no doubt that some pure energy is the future. Although most of the world’s power plants are exhausted to generate electricity, their capacity has slowed as part of the electricity has grown. After that, the master may be able to produce the required engine field, improving the prospects for the job.


– Average starting salary: $65,000

– Average mid-level salary: $82,000

– Average late-career salary: $91,000



7. Mining engineer


Mining is the beginning of a product’s life because it is the stage at which raw materials are reputable for all production. Open pits and underground mines are usually designed by a mining engineer who oversees the mining and construction of mines. They also designed methods for processing and transporting chopped materials to various processing plants. As the trend of steel consumption begins to decline over the next few years, demand for lithium, copper, nickel, and other metal and electronics requirements is estimated to continue. grow up.


– Average starting salary: $ 68,000

– Average salary level: $ 89,000

– Average late-career salary: $ 109,000


8. Project Engineer


A project engineer is an essential field required in all areas of engineering. Project engineering is usually not something that is specifically studied because any engineering degree can give you a project engineering job. However, further studies on post-bachelor project management are usually endorsed to improve overall effectiveness. The technical director manages technical projects which may include the design, supply, manufacture, and delivery of small, simple components to complex chemical wastewater treatment plants. The role is multidisciplinary and requires a basic technical understanding of all aspects of the project.


– Average initial salary: $ 71,000

– Mid-level average salary: $ 89,000

– Average pay for late retirement: $ 100,000

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