When Will Spotify’s HiFi Support Begin in Japan? Is the Poor Sound Quality Reputation True?


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Spotify, which has been continuously delaying the introduction of HiFi, is rumored to finally realize it by 2023. Although it is not an official announcement, the anticipation is high due to the two-year delay. In comparison to Amazon Music and Apple Music, which already support high-resolution audio, the opinion that Spotify has poor sound quality is correct when only considering the bitrate, as it currently offers a maximum of 320kbps.

So, will there come a day when Spotify supports HiFi? In this article, we will explain the progress so far and also provide a detailed explanation of the current audio quality.

What is HiFi? Will it be realised on Spotify during 2023?

Many people may have heard the term “HiFi” but are unsure of its specific meaning. In comparison to LoFi and high-resolution audio (HiRes), let’s explain what HiFi is.

HiFi, short for “High Fidelity,” refers to the faithful reproduction of sound or image. It is often used in the context of audio and refers to a state where the original sound or image is faithfully reproduced. Particularly when referring to playback devices, it means that there is minimal noise and distortion.

The difference between HiFi and LoFi is that LoFi, short for “Low-Fidelity,” is the opposite of HiFi and is more commonly used to describe music and artistic preferences. While LoFi used to be slang for “poor recording conditions,” it gained importance in alternative rock and other genres where analog sound, including noise and environmental sounds, is deliberately emphasized in the sound production.

The difference between HiFi and HiRes is that HiRes, short for “High-Resolution Audio,” specifically refers to audio with higher quality than the standard CD specifications of 44.1kHz / 16bit. Both HiFi and HiRes generally represent high-quality sound, but HiFi can be considered a “concept” while HiRes is a “standard.” HiFi focuses on faithfulness to the original sound and does not necessarily rely on numerical specifications, whereas HiRes is determined by specific numerical values.

In summary, HiFi, LoFi, and HiRes all relate to sound quality. HiFi emphasizes faithful reproduction, LoFi embraces analog imperfections intentionally, and HiRes refers to audio with higher specifications than conventional CDs. If you want to know about apple music converter, you can read this article.

When will Spotify HiFi be available in Japan?

Let’s delve deeper into the introduction of HiFi on Spotify. Rumors suggest that Spotify HiFi will be launched within 2023. Initially, it was scheduled to be introduced in 2021, but it has been delayed for a long time. However, Bloomberg TV in the United States has pointed out that it may be launched within this year. Currently, Spotify’s premium content is available for a monthly fee of 980 yen for individual plans, but HiFi is expected to have a higher price.

Why was it delayed after being scheduled for 2021?

There is no direct mention from official sources, but it is speculated that the reason for the delay was due to Amazon Music and Apple Music starting to offer lossless audio for free. Lossless is a compression format that retains the original audio quality without degradation. In other words, even though the systems may be different, both Spotify and its competitors are focusing on high-quality playback. Since this feature was already provided for free by other platforms, Spotify likely decided to postpone its launch.

Will Spotify HiFi be available for an additional fee?

There hasn’t been an official announcement yet, so we cannot say for certain. However, according to Bloomberg’s report, it is suggested that a new plan called “Supremium” will be introduced. It is expected to be more expensive than the current “Premium” plan. As the Premium plan on Spotify is currently priced lower than equivalent plans on Amazon Music and Apple Music, the Supremium plan may have a similar price tag to those two platforms’ lossless offerings.

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Q&A on Spotify’s HiFi support

Here are answers to five questions regarding Spotify’s HiFi support.

Is it true that Spotify’s HiFi implementation has been cancelled?

In February 2021, HiFi integration was announced with an expected implementation by the end of the same year. However, in January 2022, moderator Yordan stated that detailed information couldn’t be shared yet. Following that, co-CEO Gustav Söderström mentioned in an interview with The Verge that HiFi is still planned, but no specific schedule has been provided.

Is Spotify’s highest audio quality Hi-Res?

Spotify’s audio quality differs between the free and premium plans. The premium plan, offering higher audio quality, goes up to 320Kbps (free plan goes up to 160Kbps). On the other hand, Hi-Res audio ranges from 2304Kbps (96kHz) to 4608Kbps (192kHz), so it’s currently not available on Spotify. However, 320Kbps is still a high-quality option for enjoying music comfortably.

Does Spotify use AAC for its audio format?

In the case of listening through the Spotify Web Player on a browser without installing the app, the free plan uses “AAC 128Kbps,” while the premium plan offers “AAC 256Kbps.”

What EQ options are available on Spotify?

Spotify offers a total of 22 different EQ options for adjusting specific frequencies to improve audio quality. “Perfect” is a popular setting originally used in iTunes and works for any genre. Another option, “Eargasm Explosion,” based on the “Perfect” setting, provides a more vivid acoustic experience.

Is Spotify’s audio quality bad?

When compared to Amazon Music Unlimited and Apple Music, both of which offer a maximum audio quality of 3730kbps (Hi-Res), Spotify’s audio quality may seem inferior in terms of numerical values. Some people also argue that Amazon and Apple’s audio quality feels more realistic. However, Spotify’s 320kbps quality is by no means “bad” and the listening experience can vary depending on the playback environment and device. Using the latest devices or high-quality earphones and headphones can significantly enhance the experience.


We have explained the situation regarding Spotify’s HiFi feature in this article. It has been over 2 years since the announcement in 2021, but the implementation of HiFi has yet to happen. However, interviews with insiders have shown a positive outlook, and there have been talks about preparations steadily progressing, even though there hasn’t been an official announcement. When it becomes a reality, it will bring a new wave to the subscription industry, making the future developments exciting.

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