Would You Rather Questions for Kids and Couple.


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Whether you are a bored teen looking for something interesting to do with friends, a parent looking fun or entertainment for family activity that adds to your teenage kids, or a teacher looking for interesting classroom game, then Would You Rather Questions also known as WYR is an simple way to have fun and restorative your brain.

This theoretical and interesting question game asks the players to select between one action or situation and another, often involving funny, entertaining, or crazy conditions to select from. 

In this article you will learn  about the meaning and would you rather questions for couples, kids and teenagers. 

would you rather
would you rather

Would you rather questions couples:

Get the entertainment begin with some general teenage Would You Rather questions. In this lively mind refreshing game, similar to Truth or Dare Game, players take turns asking and answering questions. For this fun activity, you play with your friend or partner or in a group setting. The questions are a little more difficult than Yes or No questions, so it will get the people talking. 

Method To Play Would You Rather Questions: 

Every question in the game begins with the phrase “Would you rather question” and followed by any of the questions. When you start a stirring round of gameplay with good Would You Rather questions, there is something here for any kids or teen, whether they would rather question answers and about real-life situations or more imaginary topics.

  • Be really Robust or really fast?
  • Be Deadpool or brave?
  • Get a flat tire or run out of the gas tire?
  • Have a great job and live with your relatives or live on your own and be broke and unemployed?
  • Be a part of the rich family or the prime minister of a country?
  • Turn into an older man or turn back into a tiny baby?
  • Only buy shopping online or only buy things in the mall?
  • Live on a ship in the water or on an airplane in the sky?
  • Be concealed head-to-toe in tattoos or in hair?
  • Go Zip line or bungee jumping?
  • Lose your only set of bike keys or your cell phone?
  • Marry an unknown person or never get married at all?
  • Drive a racing car or ride in one?
  • Be a brave man or be saved by a brave man?
  • Only take showers or only take baths?
  • Buy all your groceries at a mall station or at a dollar store?
  • Become a social media influencer or stay off social media?
  • Wear a t- shirt on a hot summer day or a tank top on a cold winter day?
  • Break your camera or screen of your phone?
  • Meet your favorite actor or favorite musician?
  • Watch a Hollywood film with subtitles or a silent film with the subtitles?
  • Skip to clean the bathroom or skip to clean the room for a month?
  • Have 7 cousins or no cousins?
  • Not be incapable to feel anything, or be super sensitive to all touch?
  • Downhill skiing going faster or  slower?
  • Have an amazing memory or be capable of hearing colors?

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Would you rather questions for kids:

Funny Would You Rather questions for teenagers will make you think a little, but it is  mostly just cracking you up and making them some of the better questions for this famous game. When you get exhausted of telling funny jokes at college or checking out these funny questions you can ask your friends to get them all entertained and laughing.

  • Hero Images and  Hero Images via Getty Images?
  • Sound like a cow or a horse when you laugh?
  • Get sweaty or gassy when you are confused?
  • Forget the words while dialoguing in public or sing out of key?
  • Wear a shirt that is very  tight every day or only be capable of wearing a white head-to-toe shirt?
  • Trip, fall or throw up in front of your favorite person?
  • Have your great grandmother’s name or her haircut?
  • Only be capable of text in the emoji’s or only with the misspelled words?
  • Trade the heads with the person on your right or the person on your left?
  • Accidentally walk into a glass wall or a steel wall?
  • Find a hair in your drink or somebody’s artificial nail?
  • Have a happy sound or a crying sound for your phone ringtone?
  • Spend all day in the washroom or spend all day in the bath?
  • Smell like ginger or smell like garlic?
  • Live with your mom forever or live with thirty dogs?
  • Accidentally send your head or your uncle an offensive GIF?
  • Put regular trousers on two legs at a time or put one-legged shorts on one leg at a time?
  • Take a bath outside every day or never take a bath?
  • Be capable of doing the worm or the robot efficiently?
  • Be very sensitive or very sensitive to noise?
  • Have no hairs or no fingernails?
  • Have really loud gas or really smelly gas?
  • Crawl or run fast everywhere?
  • Become a hippo centaur or a mermaid?


So, these are some interesting questions for your question games. Hope this blog helps you. Please share with your friends and family and have fun.

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