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He is a Mexican boxer better known by the name Canelo Alvarez. Moreover, he gained the professional title of boxer when he was 15 years old. Yet, Canelo has won many world championships. Furthermore, he has set a great record in boxing by winning 57 of his 61 total fights.

Besides, Canelo Record has become one of the highest-paid sportspeople. Furthermore, he has married the love of his life. 

Do you want to know more about the iconic boxer? Then let’s get started.

Canelo Álvarez Biography
Canelo Álvarez Biography

Early life and family background:

Canelo’s birthplace is Guadalajara, Mexico, and his birthday is July 18, 1990. Yet his original name is Santos Saul Alvarez Barragan. Moreover, his parents are Santos and Ana Maria. Furthermore, his father has three ice cream shops, and his parents have a family farm. Besides, Canelo has a total of six brothers, and their family raised them on the farm. Yet, Canelo’s brothers are Ricardo, Ramon, Gonzalo, Rigoberto, Daniel, and Victor.

Additionally, Canelo belonged to the Hispanic ethnicity. Yet he follows the Christian religion and has Mexican nationality.

Canelo Álvarez Early Life
Canelo Álvarez Early Life

Moreover, all his brothers had a boxing career. Furthermore, two of his brothers are welterweight boxers. One brother is a former WBA interim world champion. Besides, Canelo has learned horseback riding on his family farm. 

Moreover, Canelo gave up high school to pursue boxing as his career. 

Full name  Santos Saul Alvarez Barragan
Ring name Canelo Alvarez
Date of birth: 18 July 1990
Age  33
Birthplace  Guadalajara. Mexico
Nationality  Mexican 
Ethnicity  Hispanic 
Religion   Christianity 
Brothers  Six 


Canelo Record Boxing:

Canelo has always had an interest in boxing because of his big brothers. Moreover, when he was 13 years old, he decided to pursue his career as a boxer. However, to achieve his dream, Canelo had to drop out of high school.

Furthermore, he won the silver medal and gold medal at the age of 15. Besides, during his first 19 months as a professional, Canelo fought 13 boxers older than he was. However, he knocked out 11 out of 13 opponents in those months.

In addition, the Canelo Alvarez fight record is impressive in the ring. 

Canelo Record Boxing:
Canelo Record Boxing:

Moreover, he has won various titles in four different weight classes. Yet, the classes range from light middleweight to light heavyweight. Moreover, Canelo knocks off the likes of Austin Trout, Ryan Rhodes, and Shane Mosley. 

Furthermore, Canelo was first defeated by Floyd Mayweather in 2013. Yet, the fight with Floyd was Canelo’s 17th professional fight. Moreover, Canelo admitted his defeat. Besides, he felt frustrated because he didn’t know how to catch Floyd during the fight.

Additionally, Canelo’s second career loss was to Russia’s Dmitry Bivol in 2022. However, Canelo Alvarez has gained success throughout his career.

Physical Appearance:

Canelo is a handsome man who has a blonde beard and brown eyes. Moreover, his skin color is fair, and his hair is a ginger color. Yet, Canelo’s height is 5 feet, 8 inches, and his weight is 76 kilograms. In addition, he has an athletic physique due to workouts.

Skin Tone Fair 
Height  5’8
Weight  76 kg
Eye Color  Brown 
Hair Color Ginger 

Wife and children:

Miss Mexico Universe 2003, Marisol, is Canelo’s ex-fiance. However, Marisol is currently a sports reporter for Televisa Deportes. Furthermore, Canelo married his long-term partner, Fernanda Gomez, in 2021. Yet, they held the wedding in Guadalajara Cathedral in Mexico.

In addition, Canelo has three daughters and one son. Yet all his children were born to different women.

Wife  Fernanda Gomez
Children  4

Social media presence:

He is active on many social media accounts. Yet, Canelo has to maintain a public image through social media.

Canelo’s Legacy and Net Worth:

Canelos boxing record gained him reputable success. Moreover, he earned a great deal of money as well. Yet, Canelo signed a contract worth $365 million with Golden Boy and DAZN in 2018. A Spanish newspaper reported that Canelo’s net worth from 2018 to 2021 was $220 million. Furthermore, in 2022, his estimated net worth was $180 million. Besides, Canelo’s approximate net worth in 2024 will be $200 million.

canelo record Net Worth
canelo record Net Worth
Occupation  Professional Boxer 
Net Worth $200 Million


Q: How many battles did Canelo lose?

A: He is one of the finest boxers in history. Furthermore, he has participated in a total of 63 fights. Moreover, the legend has won 59 fights out of 63. However, he has lost 2 fights and the other two were draws.

Q: What is Canelo best known for?

He is the only boxer in history to have become an undisputed champion at Super Middleweight.

Q: Why did Canelo earn that nickname?

A: Canelo got this nickname because of his red hair. However, Jose, Canelo’s trainer, gave this name.

Q: How did Canelo join boxing?

A: When Canelo was 11 years old, he watched his elder brother’s professional debut. However, his elder brother Rigoberto got him into boxing. Moreover, Canelo had a great bond with his siblings and they all had a boxing background.

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