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Many people know about the series “Yellowstone.”. Melanie Olmstead was present in the film. She worked in Yellowstone by handling transportation and the location of the set. Moreover, she was a film producer in Utah. 

Moreover, Melanie also worked in many films. These include Point Break, John Carter, Hereditary, and many others.

Yet, if learning about Melanie’s biography interests you, then this page is right for you. Besides, we will provide you with her lifestyle, spouse, birthday, and age. Moreover, you will learn about her success, death, and net worth.


Melanie Olmstead Biography
Melanie Olmstead Biography

Early Life and Academic Background:

Melanie was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 1968. Also, her birthday month is November. Moreover, she hasn’t disclosed any information about her real parents yet. Yet, according to Melanie Olmstead’s IMDb page, her adoptive parents raised her. They treated her like their own child.

Additionally, her adoptive parent’s names are Reid Howard and Janet Corbridge. Her father, Reid, was a former military vet. Yet her mother, Janet, was a housewife. Besides, Melanie’s parents adopted her. They went through a hard time after losing their newborn child. Yet, her parents decided to adopt a child. Soon, they adopted Melanie. But when Melanie was 11 years old, her mother, Janet, died. Her mother passed away from a complicated disease in 1979. 

Melanie Olmstead Early Life
Melanie Olmstead Early Life

Besides, Melanie’s father married another woman named Loa Rose Hanson. Additionally, the couple married in 1982 at Ogden Temple. Moreover, Reid and Loa raised Melanie together and gave her a beautiful life. However, Melanie’s father, Reid, died in 2016 due to serious health issues.

Some articles say Melanie completed her education at Westminster College. After that, she decided to pursue her career in the showbiz industry.

Additionally, the beautiful lady Melanie loves to play with animals. She always has a soft side for them. Besides, she likes to go horseback riding, and she makes time to go riding.

Full name  Melanie Olmstead 
Gender  Female 
Age  50
Birthplace  Salt Lake, Utah
Date of birth 15 November, 1968
Parents  Reid and Janet
Siblings  Not known 
College  Westminster College


Physical attributes of Melanie Olmstead:

The stunning lady has hazelnut-brown eyes. Yet, her hair color is blonde. Furthermore, she stands at 5 feet, 5 inches. Besides, her weight is 55 kilograms. Also, Olmstead belonged to a white Caucasian ethnicity. Moreover, Melanie is of American nationality. Additionally, her birth sign is Scorpio. Also, she has a fair skin color. Besides, she has a slim physique. There were no signs of tattoos on her body. Additionally, Melanie was a stylish and confident individual.

Eye colour  Brown 
Hair colour  Blonde 
Height  5’5
Weight  55 kg
Nationality  American 
Birth sign  Scorpio


Who was Melanie Olmstead?

Melanie started her career as a location manager in “Primary Suspect” in the year 2000. Moreover, she started working in Hollywood as a transportation and location manager.

Besides, Melanie has also worked in various renowned films. These include Frozen, John Carter, Joe Bell, Yellowstone, and others. 

Who is Melanie Olmstead
Who is Melanie Olmstead

Moreover, she worked as a theatre actress as well. Additionally, she worked with prominent companies and famous actors. Yet, she gained success working on every project she chose.

Affairs/ Spouse:

There is no information about her past relationships. Yet Melanie revealed that she is a lesbian. Moreover, she was in a romantic relationship with her partner, Annalise Ford. Besides, the duo started their affair in 2014. After spending a beautiful time together, they decided to take their relationship further. Furthermore, in 2016, they took their wedding vows.

Additionally, when Melanie died, her spouse, Annalise Ford, organized a tribute celebration. Besides, Annalise loved her beloved late wife.

Melanie Olmstead Yellowstone:

Melanie was the transport and location manager in the Yellowstone series. Moreover, she was a script supervisor for the series. Yet, she worked hard for the success of the series. Additionally, her colleagues love her.

Besides, in the second season, Yellowstone dedicated one of the episodes to Melanie. Yet, the episode’s name was “Sins of the Father.”.

What happened to Melanie Olmstead?

Melanie Olmstead was a hard-working person who wanted to achieve her dreams. Unfortunately, she passed away in 2019. However, her exact cause of death is not known. Besides, some articles say that she died in a car accident. Yet, other articles say that Melanie died due to cancer. 

Melanie Olmstead’s Children:

There is no information about her children. Moreover, according to some articles, she doesn’t have any children. Besides, Melanie and Annalise were in a marriage for many years.

Melanie Olmstead’s sudden cause of death:

Some people suspect that Melanie Olmstead car accident is the cause of her death. Yet, there is no confirmed information about this matter.

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Melanie Olmstead’s Legacy and Net Worth:

According to some articles, Melanie’s approximate net worth was $3–5 million. Moreover, she got her wage from her transportation and location assistant career.

Melanie Olmstead Net Worth
Melanie Olmstead Net Worth
Occupation  Script Supervisor, Transport and location Manager
Net Worth $ 3-5 million


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What was the role of Melanie Olmstead in the Yellowstone series?

Melanie’s role was to manage the continuity in the series script. Furthermore, her part was to manage the transportation and location of the set. She did this according to the director’s demands.

Q: What happened to Yellowstone transport and location manager Melanie Olmstead?

Melanie was an important member of the Yellowstone team. Yet, she worked as a script supervisor in the series. 

Besides, Melanie died in 2019. The team members felt shocked. They gave her a tribute in the series’ second season.

Q: What was the age of Melanie Olmsted at the time of her demise?

Melanie Olmstead died at the age of 50.

Q: In which city did Melanie Olmstead die?

She was in Salt Lake, Utah, at the time of her death.


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