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He is an actor from Canada who was born in Vancouver in the year 1980. Many people know him as an actor and some people know him as a police officer. 

Yes, you heard it right. The former actor has left showbiz and chosen a totally different path for himself. Danny Dorosh is now serving in the Police Department of Vancouver.

Danny Dorosh, Wikipedia:

He is a boy of Canadian nationality. Many articles show his different ages so we don’t know what his real age is. We will tell you about Danny Dorosh’s movies. His first public appearance was in the film It Must Be Love, which was released in 2004.


Danny Dorosh wikipedia
Danny Dorosh wikipedia

Again, in 2004, he was cast in another movie, The 4400

But he was mainly famous for his role in Food for the Gods in 2007.

The actor left the entertainment industry after his 2007 film. But his fans will forever remember him for his famous role as Lt. Richard O’Conner, an astronaut. In the movie, he falls in love with a warrior, and the warrior has to make a tough decision between her love and her duty as a warrior.


Full Name Danny Dorosh
Gender Male
Birthplace  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Nationality  American 
Ethnicity  Caucasian 
Parents  N/A
Siblings  N/A
Height  5’10
Weight  72kg
Eye colour Brown 
Hair colour Black 


Danny Dorosh Biography
Danny Dorosh Biography

Physical Appearance:

Danny Dorosh is a good-looking man. He has an attractive character and a lean build. He has a good height, which is 5’10 inches, and his current weight is around 72kg.

Because of his charming personality, he is renowned among youth. Danny has cute brown eyes and soft black hair.


How is it to be married to a renowned celebrity?

The sizzling couple got married in 2002. However, they haven’t revealed any details regarding how the two lovebirds met or how long they have dated, not even the wedding venue. They like to keep their private lives private.

Danny Dorosh and Pascale Hutton welcome their two lovely children. Their first child was born in 2005 and the second one was born in 2008. There is no further detail about their children. They didn’t tell the names of their kids yet.


Danny Dorosh wife
Danny Dorosh wife


Wife  Pascale Hutton
Famous for Being the husband of Pascale Hutton
Children  2


Why did Danny Dorosh leave the entertainment industry?

It is still unknown why the former actor left his acting career. But in some articles, we get to know that Danny Dorosh left the showbiz to live a quality life with his wife and two children.

Who is Pascale Hutton?

She is a well-known actress from Canada. Pascale was born in 1979. The actress made her debut in the industry in 2003. She gained fame in the entertainment industry when she appeared in Hollywood Wives and in the series A Simple Curve, the movie Sanctuary, Chaos, and the most famous Fantastic Four.

Her recent series was When Hope Calls, in which she played the role of Rosemary Coulter. She appeared in season one and also in season two.

Donny Dorosh Age:

The former actor didn’t disclose his date of birth to the media. We can’t say much about his age. He can be in his mid-20s, mid-30s, or maybe in his 40’s. It is still not clear. Maybe he will tell about his age in later years but who knows when?


Danny Dorosh Age
Danny Dorosh Age

Danny Dorosh Family:

We don’t know about Donny’s parents and siblings because he always kept his private life hidden. Although we know about his wife and children,. The duo has two sons together. They are living a peaceful life with each other.  They did love marriage when Pascale Hutton was only 19 years old.

What is the new profession of Danny Dorosh?

Danny Dorosh was an actor before becoming a police officer in Vancouver. Now he is living a completely different life. He is doing a very hectic job as a police officer but he is satisfied with his life now. He is doing a respectable job as a police officer.

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Legacy and Net Worth:

His whole life is a mystery because he left the showbiz industry soon without telling the reason behind it. However, some articles show that his net worth should be approximately 1.2 million USD.

  • Former Actor
  • I am currently a police officer.
Net Worth 1.2 Million USD


Facts about Danny Dorosh:

  • Danny is popular among youth.
  • He is not active on social media.
  • He is a private person and always prefers a simple and peaceful life.
  • He likes to try new things as a profession; he was previously an actor and currently, he is a police officer in Vancouver.
  • He has a business-oriented mindset.
  • He is a creative individual who uses his knowledge according to the situation.


Through the life of Danny Dorosh, we learn that a celebrity can live a happy life even without disclosing his or her personal life. 

Also, a celebrity can change his or her profession at any time in their life without regretting their decision.


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