Juwai Teer Result : Juwai Ladrymbai Teer Result.


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Juwai Teer is a lottery archery game. It is run by the Juwai club. The participants of the Juwai Teer game check a common number of 1st and 2nd rounds. Winners are announced based on several arrows. In this article, you will learn about the Juwai Teer result , its timings, rounds, strategies, and tricks. 

juwai teer results
juwai teer results

Working of Juwai Teer Common Number:

Many platforms and websites provide Juwai common numbers daily. No one can give a 100 % prediction and it is very normal. These lottery games are all based on luck. The people who claim the result and guarantee of winning by taking cash are scammers or fraudsters. Also, many groups give predictions before the result announcement.

Juwai Teer Result today 2023 :

This lottery game is based on the number of arrows hit by the target. After shooting, the result will be announced at 2:15 and for the first round. For the second round, results are announced at Sharp at 3:00 pm. But it can take place the entire week except Sunday. There are many websites that upload results on a daily basis on time.

Juwai Teer result list official timings:

The Juwai game takes place at Juwai. The timing of sorting in the first round starts at 1:00 pm. The 2nd round timings at 1:45 pm. The teer counting timings are between 1:15 and 2:00 pm. The results were announced at 1:30 pm and 2:15 pm.

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Juwai morning teer result timings :

Juwai Teer result morning announced at (F/R)10:30 am and (S/R)11:30 am. The shooting takes place at Juwai. The first round of shooting takes place at 10:00 am and the second round of shooting timing is at 10:45 am. Morning teer counting timing is between 10:15 am and 11:15 am. Juwai night teer result of the 13th February 2024 first round is 48 and announced at 7:30 pm. And the second round result is 43 announced at 8:30 pm.

Jowai Ladrymbai Teer Result :

Juwai Ladrymbai takes place at polo ground in the Juwai and Ladrymbai in Meghalaya, India. It begins at 4:30 pm, this brings together all the participants of the games. It holds significance in the local community and also reflects traditional practices. The people who want to bet on color prediction games registered themself with specific teer clubs and groups.

juwai teer
juwai teer

Location of Juwai Ladrymbai:

It is centered in both the cities of Juwai and Ladrymbai in Meghalaya. This location brings together teer players and also rejects their traditional practices. Shillong Juwai teer result today are  21 and 96 in the first round respectively.

Juwai Ladrymbai teer result today 13th February 2024:

Juwai Ladrymbai teer result were announced today at 4:30 pm and 5 pm. The result of the first round was announced at 4:30 pm. And the result of the 2nd round was announced at 5:00 pm. This information is available on many platforms of their games. 

Winning strategies of Juwai teer result game:

No one can predict the winners of the game. It is all based on luck. But there are some tips to play smart. Firstly you will understand all the rules of the game. If there is a pattern then look at what numbers came up before. Don’t invest too much money to play this game, prioritize yourself and your family and invest money that you can afford.

Also, think about the bets you made at different places. Don’t rely on lucky tricks or numbers. Last and important is that it is just a fun game, not a job or business to make money. Also if you are addicted it is harmful for you, to consult with counseling groups.

Disadvantages of Juwai Lottery game:

It is a fun game but also it has a few disadvantages. It includes scams, addiction, and financial crises. Like no one can predict the winning number. It is all based on luck. So the people who claim that they won you by taking money have a 100% probability that they are scammers.

Too much addiction to this game can affect your mental and physical health. So if anyone faces addiction to the game consult with counseling groups and services. Also, invest a specific amount that you can afford. And play it as fun not to make money.


Juwai Teer is a lottery game. It is mostly played in Meghalaya. The Juwai Ladrymbai game is based on two cities of Meghalaya. It brings together bother participants of these two cities and also reflects traditional practices. Juwai Ladrymbai was announced at 4:30 and 5:00 pm.

It provides an opportunity for fun and engage with platforms. But some points the participants should also member that is it is just a game so play for fun. Too much addiction is harmful to participants. Also, it is all based on luck, so also be aware of scammers.

FAQs about Juwai teer result :

What is Juwai Teer ?

It is a lottery game played in Meghalaya.

What is today’s result of the Shillong Juwai teer result?

Shillong Juwai teer result are 21 and 96 in the first and second round respectively.

What is Juwai Ladrymabai Teer?

It is a lottery game event that takes place at the polo ground in the Juwai and Ladrymbai in Meghalaya, India.


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