Burning Taste in Your Vape? Exploring Possible Causes and Remedies


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Vaping has many benefits, most of which have made it a popular habit among young people. You can enjoy various flavours, don’t have to worry about your breath, and there are fewer health risks. However, someday, you may experience a burnt taste from the vape.

Burnt taste when vaping can be off-putting to many people. It can diminish the quality of your vaping breaks. Several things can lead to that unpleasant taste, most of which are in this guide. This article will delve into the causes of this undesirable taste and provide practical solutions to help you overcome it.

Causes of the Burnt Taste

It is essential to find out what’s causing the burning taste in vape before buying a new one. The leading cause of a burnt taste from the vape pen is dry wicks. Ideally, the wick soaks up e-juice from the tank. When you turn the vape pen on, the coil heats, vaporizing the e-juice to produce vapor.

Another issue is vaping using high power settings. This causes the coil to overheat and burn the wick. Drawing puffs without giving the coil enough time to cool down can also result in a burnt taste.

Failure to clean your kit often can also lead to a burnt taste due to debris and soot buildup in the tank. The last issue is vaping while the tank is almost empty. This causes the cotton wick to dry quickly, resulting in a burnt taste.

Solutions to Overcome the Burnt Taste in Your Vape

Sometimes, you may have to replace the old coil and wick with new ones. The good thing is that you can solve most of these issues without spending money on new replaceable parts.

Always prime your coils before vaping, especially if it is new or after refilling the coil. Let the pen rest and give the wick adequate time to soak before vaping. Also, take breaks between your puffs to prevent the coil from overheating.

Consult the user manual if you are unsure about the wattage settings. This is always an issue if your pen has multiple power options. While you’re at it, ensure that you use the right vape juice. We recommend starting at a low setting and working up until you get the perfect draw with the right throat hit.

Monitor the e-liquid levels in your vaping kit. We recommend refilling the tank whenever the levels go under 50%. Keeping the wick well-saturated with e-liquid will prevent it from burning and ensure a smooth vaping experience.

The last solution is regularly cleaning your vape pen. Disassemble the kit and clean all of the parts before putting it all back together.

How to Fix a Burnt Coil Vape

But what if the damage on the wick and coil is beyond repair? Well, the only solution in such cases is to replace both. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installing a new coil, and prime it properly before vaping. Ensure that the replacement parts are compatible to avoid further damage to your device.

Summing Up

Getting a burning taste while vaping can be discouraging, but with the best knowledge and vaping habits, you can avoid it. Ensure that you use the right e-juice and set the power settings correctly before drawing your first puff.

Buy vape pens from reputable brands. Pens from renowned companies are built using high-quality materials. This means that the device will last longer while providing you with good service. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about getting replacement parts in the future.

If you are newbie, purchase a starter kit. It requires zero maintenance, and you don’t have to worry about getting a burnt taste.

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