Obtaining Your Real Estate License in California Online


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You are most likely reading this article because you are considering starting a real estate career in California. This is understandable because California’s median home value hovers around $800,000. Additionally, the average annual salary of California real estate agents is over $80,000, making it one of the juiciest careers anywhere in the world. Therefore, it comes as no surprise when many people continue to search for how to earn their real estate license in California online. In other words, these folks wish to learn more about the industry, acquire the relevant license, and join the fray! So, if you are among those people who wish to obtain the California real estate license online, your search is over! This is because the aim of this article is to show you the things you should know before joining other realtors making a killing in this burgeoning space.

Getting a Real Estate License in California Online

If you are wondering how difficult it is to obtain your real estate license in California online, just know that it is easily within reach. However, the first step is to understand the requirements. As you would expect, the industry has rules and regulations. Well, one of them is that you must be 18 or above. In some parts of California, you have to live there to practice. What’s more, a background check is required to be sure you don’t have questionable motives. Once you have checked all these boxes, you should look for a California real estate school. The school teaches you policies and how to prosper in the space. You will take classes of 135 hours in total to help you grasp the rudiments of the business. If you search for a real estate license course in California, you are likely to come across RealEstateU. However, other courses exist including Kaplan and the CE Shop. Each school has their edge over others, and you should consider those pros and cons before enrolling in their courses.

Expectations from Earning Your Real Estate License in California Online

As you enroll in any course to get your real estate license in California online, there are certain things you should look for. Aim to get maximum satisfaction and fulfillment. You paid for that, so you deserve it. Also, the course should allow you to study at your own pace and provide on-demand lessons. As you continue to take classes, you should be motivated to take the licensing exam. Remember, this is one of the things you are paying for — learning everything you need to excel in the industry and pass your licensing exam. The course must cover 135 hours of training because the state requires this as a minimum. You should also be exposed to practice exam questions and how to answer them. Before you decide on the right course, ensure the real estate license online in California has a high success rate for graduates of that program. In regards to the price, most California real estate courses are pretty affordable, so you won’t pay through your nose to attend them. Now, you have nothing stopping you! Get started and good luck on your newfound career! 

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